Death in a Bottle

I found this an interesting read. I started a topic on assisted suicide a while back and was strongly against taking your own life for any reason at the time.
After reading and absorbing all the reasons why someone might choose death over suffering, I have since changed my views.
This story isn't about assisted suicide, it's about finding a peaceful way to do it yourself.

ABC News: Death Tourism: Journey to Gentle Suicide


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I had experience dealing with someone who wanted to commit suicide back in high school. Many of her friends, myself included, did whatever we could to prevent her from doing it. She ended up not committing suicide but has since alienated all of her friends. At the time, we all thought is was something serious due to her depression. Now it seems, it was more of a cry for attention (that and to this day she has some serious mental issues). Even though she was suffering and attempted to kill herself, the rest of us (we were all close at the time) ended up going through emotional hell and when the dust settled we all got screwed over.

I was never one to believe in killing oneself, I believe more in sacrificing oneself. Such as a soldier diving onto a grenade to save his fellow soldiers, or running into a burning building to save someone. But I also understand that those with terminal illnesses and who are suffering greatly might want to end the suffering in a peaceful manner with dignity and respect. If you've had a long hard fight but there is absolutely no way of winning, then perhaps you should be given the choice of how you leave this world.