Death by chocolate - literally!

Think they'll reuse some of that chocolate? No? Probably? Yeah, probably not... >.>

I always thought it would be fun to jump in a big tub of chocolate and eat as much as you can. I never thought of a piece of machinery killing me... :eek:


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I've heard this about a week ago and it's better to die like this than anything lol

But drowning in beer, would be better.


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This reminds me of an episode of Six Feet Under. It was a another mixer though.

I thought when I saw the thread title that the person died choking on a chocolate bar.


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I heard about this other day on the news. He probably choked on a lot of chocolate and stuff.


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Wow that actually sounds pretty grim to be honest. I wouldn't want that to happen to me, even it it was a heap of chocolate I fell into. Being a worker at a chocolate factory probably ment he was sick of the stuff anyway :hah: