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Dear... nope, I got nothin'


Lion Rampant
Och, I'm bad at this.
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Dear "Oh..you just makde another thread that starts with dear ?!"



Registered Member
What?? Why would a deer have an ant for an aunt!? That means one of the deer's parents is a sibling of the ant! That's not even possible! And even if she really were his/her aunt, why would she write a letter using a pencil four times the size of her head!? Which doesn't even matter in the first place, because ants can't write and deer can't read! Or smile, for that matter! How did that deer even pick up the piece of paper without opposible digits!?

You know what that ant probably wrote, I'll tell you what, that ant probably wrote, "Dear Deer, you're really f*king big. When I come visit at Christmas, I hope you don't eat or step on me. How in the hell you were ever conceived between an ant and a deer is beyond me. You freak. Love, Aunt Ant."

And who the hell makes ant hats! Does that make sense? No! I'll tell you what makes sense! Blinking lights at crosswalks, so people don't get hit by cars! THAT makes sense!

Children are so retarded! :mad:
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Creeping On You
Furthermore, can an ant even pick up a pencil by itself?


Lion Rampant
All will be reveeeealed...


A deer makes love to an ant

Oh, deer ants.


If a pencil falls in the forest, can an ant pick it up?

Science Fact: Ants and Mexican children can carry up to 100 times their own weight.


Deer read!

It's clear, dear. Deer do.

Next question!