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Dear Mr. President, "Act Your Wage"


Heavy Weapons Guy
Dave Ramsey uses the line "Act Your Wage," while this isn't "wages" it is comparable to government income. It's a basic principle, don't spend more than you make.

Government Shutdown 2013: President Obama on Debt Ceiling and Government Shutdown - YouTube


"This does not add a dime to our debt"

I'm sorry did I miss something? This man truly is an economic illiterate. Just because congress has authorized a program does not mean it has appropriated funds and all expenditures are already included in the debt...you add to the debt WHEN you spend the money. If they don't raise the debt ceiling they can't spend the money and we won't add to the debt, if they raise it we will continue to spend more than we take in and thus our debt will increase. So yes, it will essentially allow us to accumulate more debt, thus RAISING OUR DEBT.

How does this man have a 44% approval rating on Gallup? How can people tolerate someone who blatantly lies this much...of course the answer people still supporting him either are uninformed or must not care.

Obama negotiating with republicans on spending is to Iran negotiating with the west on nukes. Sure we'll come to the table and "talk" about it, but we all know nothing will ever come of it.

I think some people become to psychologically attached to someone they voted for and if someone criticizes that politician they are in fact criticizing through extension, said person who voted for them.

Our government needs at least a 20-30% budget reduction...and since the federal shutdown (slimdown?) has apparently only shut down 17% of the government, it will need to be more than that. I am not saying of course that the 17% that was shut down should be the areas we shut down. Personally I think it should come from entitlement spending. Politicians who attach pork to bills should be incarcerated.

A budget works on a generally simple principal.

You write at the top of the page how much money you have for that month (or year in this case for the federal government) and then you subtract individual line items until you don't have any money left to spend. This is the problem with the Senate never even passing a budget under Obama, there isn't any discussion about what those line items will be. They simply keep pushing through continuing resolutions (there is no such thing as a CR by the way, any politician you here touting that term isn't very bright). So far the republicans have simply caved under the pressure from the democrats that if they don't pass the CR that has EVERYTHING the democrats want they are somehow holding the country hostage? So Obama and the democrats get all pissy the one time the republicans don't cave right away and puts all the blame on the republicans? Basically saying "republicans need to come to the table, they can't have everything they want" while also ceding NOTHING from what he wants...

I don't see how someone can be intellectually honest and still be supporting this guy...it's like he thinks he can continue lying day in and day out and not enough of the country will care...which hopefully is not true..
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Stuff like this makes me think that Obama really doesn't understand the economy.

I remember back in the day when Obama was saying that crazy spending was...

Obama says adding $4 trillion to debt is unpatriotic. - YouTube

Yeah. Mr President, what happened to that mentality. You think it's bad that Bush spent $4T in 8 years? The debt was at $9T when Obama took office. He's added $8,000,000,000,000 to the debt since he took office less than 5 years ago. So in roughly HALF the time he spent about TWICE what Bush spent. So by his own account, Obama is irresponsible and unpatriotic. Why does nobody ever call him on this?

U.S. National Debt Clock : Real Time

I'm tired of all of these politicians that don't understand the concept of balanced spending. If we're going to have people in charge of money can they at least understand how to use it wisely?
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