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I <3 GF Dear Mr. and Mrs. Mods,


Sally Twit
I just want you to know I am really proud of you. In the past few weeks you've FACEd a big old bashing, but you've handled it maturely and my respect for you has gone up 100000000%.

Personally, I think GF is lucky to have such a fantastic team watching over the place. I do still stand by what I said about the activity of some, but overall I can't fault you or what you do.

P.S. Wade, don't pick this post apart. Just take the damn compliment.

Muchos Love,


Registered Member
If you want Wade to agree, you have to change your P.S. to be "P.S. Wade, pick this post apart. Don't take the damn compliment."


Son of Liberty
If you want Wade to agree, you have to say "Wade likes to disagree".


yellow 4!
If you want wade to agree, you have to click your heels together three times and say "there's no place like home"

thanks for the kind words, pastry :)


Registered Member
I'm not sure how I could pick this post apart. It's almost like a challenge! I wasn't going to say anything to pick it apart, but now I'm racking my brain trying to think of something :lol:
(Oh yeah, and thank you!)
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