"Dear me"


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(Inspired by ysabel's post in this raye_raye thread)

Write an uplifting note to yourself that you can look at and be cheered by at some future point in your life when you're feeling low. Don't be a pussy and make a joke out of it, all you macho guys. Real men aren't afraid to show their feelings.

I'll do mine tomorrow. I have a feeling it's gonna be hella emo-ish and I can't hang right now, because the clock may say 2:27 AM but my body knows damn well it's really half past 3.


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Make sure you're not feeling depressed when you write it. You want to inspire yourself in the future and not drive yourself to commit suicide.


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lol thats funny ysabel

this is such a nice idea Tucker

a note to myself to cheer me up in the future::

""" why do u need to be cheered up, my love ?? I thought u would be happy~~ always .! ..
hmmm I guess u have been checking on this million times without needing it lol .. okay then
u might have kept it by heart now

(( Life worth not to steal your smile )) ^^ """


how can I find it when I want ?? this thread would be burried within the new threads.

in some future point in my life means many years from now, right ?!!



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my note to myself:

always laugh, live life, never take anything too serious, with the bad times comes the good, and nothing last forever- that includes the bad times- so never worry and just focus on the good times, memories, never regret anything and do something different today :D


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i heard about a guy that got a tattoo as a note to himself while he was drunk before, it just said "don't do anything stupid" across his arm.

mmmm..... that's good irony :p


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Note to self:

When you're feeling down, think about where you used to be and then think about where you are now. Life isn't so bad right now is it?

Also, think about Angels' voice. Feel calm now? :)


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You did everything you could, and yes, you outdistanced all competitors. Your stumbles along the way were an unavoidable part of the human experience. Now your purpose is to tell the world who she was and how she embodied and exuded love through her pain.