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Dear Friends of Katrina


Registered Member
I know that the past four days have been, for all of us, a hazy blur of heartache and rage. Even today, with sleep-deprived gritty eyes, and after 3 AM murmurings of thanks, praise, and goodbyes to our Beautiful Dream, I remain raw, broken, lost.

I wanted to take this moment to say how utterly blown away I am by the outpouring of love here at GF for our Katrina. I don't need to name names, and I would hate to forget anyone, but you know who you are. I'd like to think that with the events here of the past few days, the various threads, blogs, comments, poems, drawings, and utterly self-conscious declarations of love and respect for Katrina, that we held her in the light, basking her departing soul with the blazing embers of our own grief-torn hearts.

Thank you, my loves, for being the amazing folks that you are, for reminding me that I am surrounded by good, decent, loving people who are not afraid to show their hearts. I will always remember this time as a mix of breathtaking heartache and soul-restoring hope: you have reminded me that for every cruelty in the world, there are people beside me, people with hearts as big as the sun, raging with me against the dark side.

Thank you, thank you so very much, for your beautiful spirits, for your fearless exposure of your heavy, aching hearts, and for all your valiant efforts to hold Katrina in the light.

All my Love and Respect,



still nobody's bitch
Ditto this. This is an amazing group of people and I'm so grateful that none of us had to go through this alone.


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Thanks for this QB. The death of Katrina has been a terrible experience. Such an innocent beauty lost and gone. To see how this group has been so tender and emotional is a testament to how much people care. Seeing us to bind together to keep her with us has helped me a lot. I'm grateful that we all can draw on our time with her in such a positive way.


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Jeanie, shelgarr, you both made me realize something--while we were working to hold Katrina in the light, we were all holding each other there, too.


Sally Twit
I'd like to second this. Or third. Fourth.

I've seen sides to people on GF I didn't know existed. And while I am heartbroken over this tragedy, I am also pleased to see so many people pouring their hearts out.
We are a big family from all over the world. And while most of us don't get to have physical contact, we are still always there.
This is the first terrible thing we've had to face as a community and I think it is bringing us closer.
I've always known that GF was a big and important part of my life, but I never thought about anything like this happening and just how important GF would be in helping me get through this.
We've had our morbid threads in the past, but you never actually think it'll happen. And it has. And it's fucking awful. But we're all going through this together. And we're all supporting each other. And it's wonderful.

Every single one of you has a heart of gold. I don't want you to be afraid of showing emotion.
I know people have been asking what we can do to honour Katrina. But I think it's safe to say we've been doing that since the terrible news was broken to us.

I love you GF. And I'm proud to have you in my life.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I would like to thank everyone who's supported Katrina and said kind words towards her. This as been a tough last few days, I personally didn't believe it was going to be this tough to handle. Like I've mentioned in my blog, as one of the main members here at GF, I'm proud that I'm part of this great community. Katrina might be gone, but she's still hear in our hearts and souls.


still nobody's bitch
no, Elly. That's not what she's saying.
I won't lie, by the end of the day Monday I was ready to not ever come back here. But then Lauren told me that the thread had calmed down and people were just paying tributes to her, so I logged back on, and I'm so glad that I did. I thought this was going to tear GF apart, but it made us stronger, and what a beautiful testament that is to the character of each of us.

I love you, GF.
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I am speechless. The only thing I feel I can say is I feel much love for this place as well and for ALL the people here. I will miss Katrina too.