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Dear Auctionsighter's Please Help, I Need Your Advice!


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Hello Friends! For those who have seen my current auction the one where I will change my name before I break a world record for the longest TV-watching marathon (item # 5583333351), well since eBay notified me that I broke a few rules, I will be ending the auction early and then relisting! Since I contacted them first and asked them If my listing is OK, and then they reviewed it and found a problem, they said that I might qualify for a listing fee credit, if I end the auction early and relist and they also said that if somebody will report this, they will have no other choice but to remove my listing! Anyways I'm not going to take my chances and I will end it early myself and relist it! Plus I see this as an opportunity to make my listing better and more attractive to buyers, lower the reserve, etc, without losing any money!

So here's what I want to do! To get more attention from ebayers and to get more watchers, I will offer something like this: The winning bidder of this auction will also get a great mystery car, absolutely free as a bonus and as a thank you from me for having trust in me and for believing that I will break a world record and if I don't break the world record you will get a 100% refund, plus you get to keep the car!!!!! NOTE to eBay, You are only bidding on a right to legally change my name, everything else included in this auction is included as a bonus to the winning bidder, absolutely free, etc! Anyways, This way people will want to see if the reserve price will be reached and will somebody get a car, and also since I will be giving clues as to what the car is, people will want to watch this auction and bidder's will want to bid even more, because they will know that not only they are getting the most unique advertising opportunity on the planet, but also a great mystery car! That way hopefully I can keep people excited!

I need your suggestions and advice guys! Tell me what you think about this??? Maybe you have some other ideas, please share them with me! Your help is greatly appreciated!



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greenhappykat said:
Stan, you have great listings! I have been following all of them..my favorite has to be the Toilet Paper one! Also, add your eBay name to your profile.
My friend, what do you mean when you say "add your name to your eBay profile"??? Do you mean create an image and reputation for myself by using my name stansoft as well... Something like "stansoft with another unique idea"...?


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theres so many ppl oferring a chance to change the name as advertise that i guess you will lost money on this auction... or maybe your name :p
It's not the fact that you break a world record that you make you appear in all tv's and stuff... just my opinion but well.. i wish you the best of luck with this.