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Dean Koontz and Stephen King


Creeping On You
I love both of these authors. Since like grade 8. Stephen King is great horror, but his writing style is so entrapping, it's almost like reading a suspense novel. Dean Koontz does great thriller/suspense. I'm always at the edge of the next page waiting to see what happens. Honestly, books that I can sit down and read straight through.

So what is your opinion of the books. What books of theirs have you read/do you own? I'll get a list up in a little bit, I gotta go find them all =P Which one of their books is your favourite. Let us know.


Registered Member
I have too many to even think about listing. I buy books like some people buy shoes. I think I own 5 pairs of shoes and that's it. Books? Prolly in the hundreds. Once you read everything those authors have out you need new ones to fill the time until they put out new books which is what I do so I get to keep a good rotation going through.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
I think I've only read Firestarter...ages ago. My aunt collects S.King books (even those where he used another name). I did watch about 10 of his books-turned-movies and love them all. If they're any indication on how great a writer he is, then indeed he's an excellent one.


Creeping On You
Bah! I hate all of his books turned movies. If you've read the book first, you realize how horrible they made them. The only one I liked was Cujo, and The Stand as far as movies go. Otherwise, the rest were just dumb and poorly done.

As far as the books he wrote under a different name, I have those ones as well. Richard Bachman. Leave it to S.King to come up with an awesome fake name =P

What about Dean Koontz's books though. Anyone read any of those? My favourite one of his is Strangers, and then Watchers. Two really good books.


Son of Liberty
I tried to read Koontz... but imo he failed miserably. Couldnt keep my attention, I really wanted to get into his style but just didnt care for it. The book I had gotten from him was "Velocity".

I've yet to read any Stephen King. lol the movies have all generally sucked, so I figured the books were just as bad. Reading your analysis there Smelnick I may give SK a chance.


I am the edge!
I read a lot of Koontz growing up. I think my two favorites were Lightning and Watchers. After I started reading King, though, I could never get into Koontz again. I've read so many of King's books now, and a lot of the Bachman books...and there are still so many to go! I think my favorite is The Stand. I'm currently reading Four Past Midnight, and am enjoying it so far.
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living on the border
I havent read any Koontz but this week I read pt 1 on Stepen Kings The Green Mile. I found part one interesting but couldnt even get 20 pages through part 2 before becoming bored so i stopped the series and read another book. I plan to read kings The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon this week, but if i cant get into it I'm done with his books.


Registered Member
Bah! I hate all of his books turned movies. If you've read the book first, you realize how horrible they made them. The only one I liked was Cujo, and The Stand as far as movies go. Otherwise, the rest were just dumb and poorly done.
Even THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION which is pretty much considered the best movie version of any of Stephen King's works? And THE GREEN MILE and THE MIST are both excellent movies. It's no coincidence that all three were directed by Frank Darabont.

APT PUPIL, directed by a pre-X-MEN (barf) Bryan Singer is also very good. A horror movie that has real horror for a change.


Registered Member
To be honest I have never finished a Stephen King book. I got desperado some years ago but I only read a few chapters. I have read many books by Dean Koontz though.

The first book I read by him was Hideaway. I really liked the book. So dark and so lovely. I cannot listen to Red Hot Chili Pepper's 'Paralell Universe' withou thinking about this book because I was listening to that album on repeat while I read the book on a bus from Sweden to Italy. :)

Some other good books are Dark Rivers of the Heart, False Memory

Although I remember some pretty bad books as well. I have about 10-15 Koontz book and I have read most of them but some of them i never finished and some of them I cannot remember what they were about. I guess that you cannot be at your best if you publish at least 2 books every year. Although i think i should start reading the books again and see what I think about them.


Sally Twit
I only own Stephen King books. I've not heard of Dean Koontz.

The Shining

Those books above are the ones I own. I have a read of his other books and plan on buying them at some point.
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