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Dealing with loose skin


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Do you have it / have you had to deal with it, perhaps after weight loss? Did anything work for you? :-/

I was reading some of the exercise routine and motivation posts and I was wondering if any other members:

- have had to deal with loose skin after weight loss,
- how they feel about it,
- what they would do / have done.

I think I was about 70 lbs (31.75kg) heavier at my worst (probably more), 9 years ago (probably heavier than that). (I'm 22.5 years old, 5'10", 168lbs) I lost weight way too fast the first year and have a bit 'O loose skin around my midsection. I eat amazingly, lift every 3 days and have decent muscle mass, and jog about 3 miles 3 times per week--have done so for years. I've pretty much deduced that what is left is just loose skin--just enough to piss me off.

Knowing that I could run till my heart quit wouldn't take it away is maddening. They say loose skin rebounds if you're young, but I'm waiting. You don't have to be superficial to be embarrassed about it, I think. It's frustrating.


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I dont have lose skin. And i never heard about it, that people have lose skin after having weight loss. There are stretch marks though?
Are you talking about them?


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Nope haven't had it. But a friend of mine does because she lost over 100 lbs. I'm so proud of her, and it's the weight loss that really matters, but I can't help but notice the lose skin. I don't know what she'll do. Some toning might help, and time too.


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I have a friend who lost a decent amount of weight, and the only place she really had excess skin was on her arms. She was told by her doctor she would require surgery to remove it. I'm not sure if that was because she had so much, or because it's the easiest way but yeah, that was the only answer for her.


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See, that is what I am scared of when I lose weight. I am sure I will need surgery


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I've got the opposite prob but I have a cousin who had to deal with that. Unless it's an epic case of loose skin, it will tighten up to normal in about 2 years. There are ways to speed it up though. Check out the link. :)

Btw, losing weight slowly reduces the amount of loose skin. Also, if anyone has probs keeping weight, large doses of multivitamins helps with that. It doesn't always work for me, but it does help a lot in the winter.

How to Tighten up Loose Skin After Weight Loss | eHow.com
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I'm a little worried about it too. I'm currently in the process of going to the gym 3-4 times a week and losing weight. I would hate to have lose skin at the end, but I'm not that overweight at the moment, only slightly so I'm hoping that I will just be able to tone things up. I have seen people who have had the surgery to remove it though. After a while you can hardly even see the scars from the surgery and it just looks normal.
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That's what I'm hoping. Although I did develop a bit of a belly from my lifestyle of spending way too much time online, gaming, reading, etc etc. Not for much longer!