Dealing With Anxiety Attacks


living on the border
Okay, so I'm very prone to having anxiety attack.

Today during break I couldnt even eat a yogurt. I had already taken one of my klonopins to try to get through that. But it wasnt working.

So when on of my friends sitting next to me in class decided to pinch my stomach I freaked out and yelled "STOP TOUCHING MY FAT". I was sent to the counselor because of that.

By the time I got there I was already crying and hyperventilating. I couldnt breathe and I couldnt calm down enough to use any of my coping skills.

By the time I did settle down a little it was time for the next class, which means that I missed that too because I finally got to the point where I could focus on writing to try and calm down the rest of my anxiety.

Do you have any ideas about how I can deal with my anxiety before it gets to the point of crying and hyperventilating?