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Dealing Stress and Depression

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Well, I can say for myself I've experience enough of this in my life. I'm in one of those situations where you have to constantly and constanly deal with it on a daily basis whether it's your own doing or someone elses. I try to find different ways to deal with it by looking toward the positives in myself for the most part or just listen to music or just doing something that you love and just eighty-6 teh rest of teh crap out. When this happens to you how do yo deal with it?


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Well if you deal with stress at home then you leave your problems at home after you leave the house hold, if you deal with stress at work you do the same, and the same for if you have stress from school. The way I deal with stress is I just do something I love, if's it summertime I will play sports like basketball and stuff. But the best way is I go drink a couple of beers with my friends and that stress will go away instantly. Just take one day at the time is the best thing for all of you.


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Stess is something that I also dill with on the regular. It's a part of life. The secret to it is learning how to dill with it. I'm not the one to say what is thw right or wrong way, but from personal expreiance I know it's not the best thing to take it out on loved ones.


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Everyone has to deal with some sort of stress, and most people also get depressed sometimes. I always block stuff out and I don't let anything get to me (for the most part), and that's how I deal with it. By not caring.

One of my passions though is driving. I always get so calm when I'm behind the wheel. I drive a lot for my job, it's what I do. So by working, I actually relieve stress. I love it. So what I suggest for you is to find something you love and do it. It works for me.


I have my own list of unfortunate events. Just today, my mother told me to drop out and join the army because she doesn't want to live w/ me another year. School's a mess, and dreams were crushed all at once. Stuff is a real bitch right now, but over the years i've learned it's better to suck it up and work your way through these things - because thats all there is to do. If you can find things to make it eaiser on the way, then do that shit, as long as it doesn't encourage you to steer away from your focous.
@ one point I got stressed out, and started smoking weed to help me deal w/ my problems. Bad move... Drugs (weed and cigs) only make life more stressful. the most satisfying achievements were staying organized, and taking care of my priorities.

Sometimes it helps trying different things. Everyonce in a while, go to the movies, a museum, take up a sport, make trips to the bowling alley... do something random for your enjoyment. It usually helps to have something new and exciting to look foward to.
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