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Deadly Insects In The UK


Hell, It's about time!
When I lived in Singapore we had to get a row of shots before we went over because of all the diseases bugs and particularity mosquitos carried. My step-mom ended up getting Dengue fever anyway from a mosquito bite and had to go in the hospital. A little bug can do a lot of damage.


Registered Member
Na we got shyte all over here other than the hornet,oh and a wasp.The mosquito's Oh and the adder thats a snake? Where are the killer bugs?


Sally Twit
I wish I hadn't read this earlier. I started thinking about spiders straight after and kept imagining I could see them because it's all I could think about. Thirty minutes ago a BIG spider ran across my living room floor and it made me think of this again.
I hope I never see any dangerous spiders.