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Deadly Illness in Venezuela


Free Spirit
Staff member
An apparent viral disease causing fever and skin rashes has taken the lives of ten in Venezuela, according to hospital officials. While doctors have ruled out both Ebola and Chikungunya fever, they remain stumped as to what is causing the illness.

Venezuelan Government Dismisses Existence of Deadly Illness
They don't know what this is but it sounds a lot like Ebola. It causes fever and spots on the skin, large blisters, internal and external bleeding then people go into respiratory, kidney and liver failure. Even if it isn't Ebola it sounds just as bad, worse if its airborne.

The government is denying this is a problem. I have to wonder why they are doing that if their doctors are warning them about this disease. Looks like they might be concerned about how wide spread this is.

Another reason to guard our borders better.