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Deadly Explosion at Russia's Busiest Airport


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Terrorism is something I will never understand, how can terrorist who are maybe motivated by political policy, or governing bodies justify attacking innocent people?
That's the most effective way for them to get attention from the people in power. I don't really understand it either though. It's sick.


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That's terrible.

I'd actually thought about about this exact scenario with my friends. It's certainly not as deadly as flying a plane into a building, but how does security stop someone from blowing people up before they go through security?


I visited Russia in 2009. Since I have been back three of the places I visited while I was there have been bombed. I am thankful everyday that they were not bombed while I was there, but I'm still devastated by this happening to the Russian people. It wasn't exactly the friendliest country I've ever been to but no one deserves this.