Dead woman running. RIP Dodd and Biden


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I was very surprised at the Iowa Caucus results. I don't follow Democrat Party politics very closely except to understand the agenda they are trying to sell, ie. global warming, universal health care, etc. I assumed that Hillary would garner the majority of votes with Obama battling it out with Edwards to see who could be second. As you know, Obama ran off with the voters and Hillary got left standing at the altar.

It wasn't a surprise that Dodd and Biden couldn't even get a date for the prom. Dodd should have lost 25 pounds and found a message before he went on the national stage. And Biden should have gained control over his mouth before asking for control over the executive branch.

All criticism aside, I always like to consider what these things might mean for our future. After the Iowans spoke, I'm wondering if the Democrat Party has finally "moved on" from the Clinton era? Or was Hillary just the wrong candidate and Obama at the right place at the right time? Hillary was actually booed in New Hampshire last night at a Democrat function. At the same time, Obama was cheered like a rock star. You can read a description of the event in all the morning news outlets:

politics - Google News

What would a Democrat Party lead by Obama look like without the Clinton control? Democrat civil war? What would an Obama Administration be like? What might America's enemies do to take advantage of Obama during his first months in office?

I'm just thinking out loud. Any other audible thoughts?



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It's not the Democrat Party, it's the Democratic Party. You'll notice liberals and progressives don't call it the Republic Party.


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It's not the Democrat Party, it's the Democratic Party. You'll notice liberals and progressives don't call it the Republic Party.
No they don't call it the Republic Party. They call us and the party liars, among other things.

I'm a Republican and I belong to the Republican Party. I would assume if you belong to the Democratic Party you would call yourself a Democratic. It's really just another example of the misuse of words to foster a false impression. Other misuses of the word include:

  1. People's Democratic Republic of Algeria
  2. Democratic People's Republic of Korea
  3. Lao People's Democratic Republic
  4. Democratic Republic of Vietnam
And since you mentioned it, those who are trying to cripple capitalism refuse to call themselves socialists. Instead they now use the term "progressive". But putting a new label on an old bottle of vinegar won't turn it into wine. Even if the "progressives" and Democratics want us to think so.