Dead Websites


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What websites do you remember that you used to go that are no longer online?

I used to post on a few forums that have been deleted ages ago. One is technically still online but as far as I know it will be deleted in a few months due to lack of an admin login in over 5 years or so.

Then I'm not sure if this technically counts but I remember going to the original site. You know, the one that actually had hamsters dancing on it. Now all that's left of it is a commercialized online store full of merchandise: - The Official Online Home of Hampton and the Hampsters!


Hell, It's about time!

I used to go there all the time. They went down some time ago and I've been using instead.


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Kinda funny 'cause I was messing with an old site the other day.

I used to go there all the time. It had a bunch of Microsoft Paint animations of Stick figures killing eachother. That was it... sad that that was what used to entertain me hahaha


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#4 and --- I just checked the latter and it's being used now but it's not as it was before. I'm talking about the old version of social networking.
I used to go on the forum of the band that 'Pete' from UK Big Brother was in.

:rofl: :bolt:

I'm pretty sure it's shut down now. I haven't searched it in ages, and I don't even remember my password so I have no interest in looking for my old posts there any more.