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Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Wrecked, Jul 19, 2006.

  1. Wrecked

    Wrecked Registered Member

    suprised there wasn't a topic on this game yet.

    for those that were unaware, Dead Rising is a "sand box" type of game where your character is stuck in the mall for 3 days with hundreds, if not thousands, of zombies! and the brain dead kind, not the stupid running kind that has the ability to work with other zombies as if they were on the same team.

    you play as a freelance photojournalist, so throughout the game you're snapping photos which earns you points/exp which you spend on getting new moves, carrying more items, more health, etc. and of course killing zombies gets you points/exp too.

    you have the ability to use nearly any item found in the mall as a weapon. obvious stuff like bats, axes, golf clubs, etc. and not so obvious like gum ball machines, toy light sabers, mannequins, etc.

    according to the reports, Dead Rising is living up to the hype, which is great to hear, and comes out in a few weeks!

    i can't wait for this game. i love brain dead zombies [ such as the ones featured in Resident Evil ] and i'm a pretty big fan of the RE series. i've preordered the game in full from [ they had it for preorder for $47.99 + free shipping ], but it takes about 1-2 weeks to recieve, so i plan on purchasing the game when it is released at the store, then returning the game that i get from the mail.

    Screen shots and more info/articles can be found here.


    Release Date: Aug 8th

    Purchase Dead Rising from for $48.88 + shipping [ retail is $59.99 ]
    *note* shipping from Outpost may take 1-2 weeks :(

  2. Spinlock

    Spinlock Registered Member

    Dawn of the Dead ripoff anyone?
  3. Doc

    Doc Trust me, I'm The Doctor. V.I.P.

    Why is everything having to do with zombies a rip off of Dawn of the Dead?

    This is just a zombie slaughter game. It's pretty funny, too. I watched the demo and it was just.. funny. Looked like someting that I'd really enjoy playing.
  4. Spinlock

    Spinlock Registered Member

    No doubt because there's not much more plot you can do when zombies are involved.
  5. Thermal

    Thermal Registered Member

    I've been pretty surprised at how much fun I am having with this game. At first I thought the game would get pretty repeative and tedious, but I'm still finding new things to do on my fourth time through the demo.
  6. Spinlock

    Spinlock Registered Member

    Hmm... When I buy my 360 (about the time Halo 3 comes out, most likely), I'll look into getting a copy of it... it really does sound pretty good (by "good", I'm of course referring to the fact that it's not too creepy, and I can play for hours before throwing the controller down in disgust.)

    How's the atmosphere on it? Is it more likely to scare the pants off you, or to make you crap your pants from laughing?
  7. Thermal

    Thermal Registered Member

    For me, it was more the latter than the former (i.e. throwing chairs into a crowd of zombies (Jerry Springer style), beating them up with a toy sword that light up and makes sounds, etc). Ironically, the more serious scarier parts were the cut scenes involving the humans. The demo didn't let you dive too much into the plot since it ended after showing a cut scene, but what was there seemed interesting and somewhat on the weird side.

    All and all, I would definitely look into the demo once you get your xbox 360 (it’s free of charge from the marketplace) and see if you like it.
  8. Gamechamp

    Gamechamp Registered Member

    I really want to get this game. But first I'll need a 360, which will be quite a problem (if only I'd found this forum earlier and gotten a better chance at the 360). Also, it's not a Dawn of the Dead rip-off. It's more of an homage. Plus, the story, from what I've heard and seen, isn't too similar, and is actually very good.

    The game is also being called very hard. Many hate the difficulty, but many hardcore gamers love it. I love a challenge, so I'm looking forward to it.

    There are a few problems. One is the text. On non-high-definition TV, it's nearly unreadable. Also, the NPC AI is rather unintelligent, sometimes going off in the oppisite direction of safety to fight a horde of zombies they don't have a chance against.
  9. rubberdanny

    rubberdanny New Member

    I have also played the game it is very enjoyable as you said and i agree it is realy hard i spend most my time killing zombies for fun
  10. bball4life

    bball4life Alfred :: Gotham Hero

    i have seen a comercial for this game on tv, it looks fun. i havent played i, bu tmy friend has the demo and its really fun. idk, i might buy it.

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