TV Dead Like Me


Ms. Malone
I loved Dead Like Me, but i only saw up until.....George reaps that imp thing that's tormenting that actress :/

Been ages since i've seen it.


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I remember watching this when it was new out and I really enjoyed it. I thought it was a great show. As you say the dialouge was pretty good and that's and the story lines are what made me keep watching it.
I've seen it late night and I'm not really a fan. It's just so depressing and silly (deaths) at times. I need something more upbeat to keep little ol' me happy and entertained.


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I tried watching it when it was on Showtime but gave up after the third episode as I found the character played by Ellen Muth just too whiny to stomach. I can't abide whiners.


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I recently watched this series and the movie. I enjoyed it, but didn't like the movie. They had a different actress for Daisy and Rube wasn't in it.

I enjoyed George. She was so bitchy and sarcastic that it would make me laugh.


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I really love this show. I watch it with my family, it's always a big event.
As mentioned, the dialogue and casual profanity use adds to the show's dry humour.
Plus, the actor that plays Mason isn't too hard on the eyes...