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A young boy decides to join a secret paramilitary organization, Spirits, in order to avoid school and follow some cute recruiter chick. His adopted sister gets mad and joins Spirits out of pure spite and jealousy. Once they arrive, they realize it's a training center for pilots in order to pilot the mecha Devadasy, which is humanity's last hope. However... this is no ordinary mecha. It requires a pilot (a male) and a battery (which is female). This is where it all goes wrong. The male pilot is then sexually aroused by the fighting, who transfers his sexual vibes to the female battery, whose orgasms power the mecha. That's right, folks, Devadasy lives up to its name - for a devadasy is a Hindu cultic prostitute. We guess whatever it takes to save the world...

Content Rating: 16+ (nudity, adult themes and situations, language, violence, misogyny)