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Nintendo dDave's Zelda Quest: Part II


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Some of you long time GFers may remember something that I did a long time ago called "dDave's Zelda Quest".

This was back in 2008/2009: http://www.generalforum.com/nintendo/ddaves-zelda-quest-33799.html

At that point in time I managed to beat nearly every Zelda game I owned.

That included the following.

The Legend of Zelda
Zelda II: The Adventure of Link
A Link to the Past
Ocarina of Time
Ocarina of Time Master Quest
Majora's Mask
Wind Waker
Four Swords Adventures

Back then I also had Twilight Princess but I never finished it.

I think it's about time for round 2. My collection of Zelda games has grown substantially since that time and I've been playing the series again for a few weeks now. I beat LoZ Quest 2 (which if I may say so myself is incredibly hard)

The Legend of Zelda & Quest 2 (NES, VC, & NGC)
Zelda II: The Adventure of Link (NES & NGC)
Link's Awakening DX (GBC)
A Link to the Past (SNES, VC, & GBA/Four Swords)
Oracle of Seasons (GBC)
Oracle of Ages (GBC)
Ocarina of Time (N64 & NGC)
Ocarina of Time Master Quest (NGC)
Majora's Mask (N64 & NGC)
Wind Waker (NGC)
Four Swords Adventures (NGC)
Minish Cap (GBA)
Twilight Princess (Wii)
Skyward Sword (Wii)

For you Zelda geeks out there, yes, I am only missing Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks.

The goal here is to finish all of the remaining games on the list and possibly even play the games that I beat years ago, I'd love to give A Link to the Past another go. 6 games should take me a really long time though.

I will post updates about the series, things I am having trouble with, cool things I like about the series, etc.

One thing that just really hate is playing portable games at home, so what I've done to combat that issue is purchase a Gameboy Player for Gamecube. It works nicely enough, Gameboy, Gameboy Color, and Gameboy Advance games all work right on the TV with a gamecube controller.

Currently I am working my way through Twilight Princess on Wii for the very first time. I am in Kakariko village collecting the drops of light in the Twilight.

Let's see just how far I can get into this series.
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How much gaming are you getting in each day, dDave? And how far are you through Twilight Princess now? I find that I currently get only an hour of play time every second night. So, as you can imagine, my first play through of Twilight Princess took me close to three months! Still, I savoured every moment of it.

It'll be interesting to read your thoughts and impressions on the different Zelda titles, not only from a game play perspective, but also in regards to overall story themes, the characterisations, and general world design. I think the Zelda series is one of the most artistically and creatively rich in gaming history.


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I just made it to the Bridge of Eldin for the first time (I fought that guy, whatever his name is).

I probably have the capacity to get in about an hour every day, maybe a little less.

From what I've heard the game is going to take upwards of 40+ hours to complete. To be fair though, Ocarina of Time was advertised as such and it only took me about 25 hours even on my first time through.

Of the 6 that I have beaten I think that A Link to the Past is my favorite so far.

I do really like Twilight Princess though, it's become pretty clear to me that it's a much darker Zelda game than any of it's predecessors. It's pretty relaxing and interesting to play, it appears to have a decent storyline and I don't feel very rushed to finish it, I'm just enjoying taking it slow.


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What do you make of Midna so far? As a companion, is she to your liking? And is the wolf mechanic an interesting one for you?


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The wolf mechanic is odd for me. I think that it's cool but at the same time I don't like how it's used. I would have preferred a functionality in the game that required using both human and wolf Link more together. That was sort of the way things worked in Majora's Mask with the 3 masks that transformed your character, they had to be used together.

As for Midna, she's kind of strange, not really sure what she is though. She does give a lot of hints, so that helps.

I'm about halfway through the Goron mines if the map has anything to say about it. I got to a locked door and couldn't find a key for it so I quit to go and wash my car.

I really want to explore more of Hyrule! The Dark style of this game is really growing on me.
Alrighty then.

I just finished up a play session.

I beat the entire Goron Mines dungeon.

Currently I have 3 pieces of a heart. I also picked up some bombs and the Hawkeye Mask.

I made my way to the Twilight north of Kakariko Village.

One question though.

I crossed the bridge of Eldin and the middle of it disappeared and 3 Shadow creatures appeared. Now I know how to kill them in the Twilight (using B) but how would I go about doing that in the Light world?

The only element of the game that I find is annoying me constantly is the mail, seriously the postman is the most annoying character ever! :lol:
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I don't remember, but are you still in your wolf form at that point of the game? Because if so, then all you need do is despatch the creatures using the B button. My memory's pretty rusty though, so don't kill me if that information is wrong.

As for the postman... well, I want to know how on earth he manages to find Link no matter where he is!


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Well it's been almost a week since an update.

I've been really busy with homework but I have managed to make some fairly significant progress in the game.

5 days ago I had just finished the Goron mine. There was quite a bit of stuff to do in order to get to the next dungeon after this, most of this had to do with story development, I loved every moment of it.

The Lakebed Temple took me a really long time to get used to, the style of the dungeon is just something that I don't do well with. The puzzles were a lot of fun though.

After the Temple I got turned into a wold (not really sure what was wrong with Midna) and had to travel to Hyrule Castle to meet with Zelda. I was pretty shocked to see the way that Zelda is portrayed in this game, it truly is the darkest Zelda game in my opinion.

I also found out that the Sacred Forest Meadow has changed rather significantly since Ocarina of Time. I feel as if they took the Lost Woods from A Link to the Past and used that sort of theme to create this part of the game. The Skull Kid was extremely annoying.

The puzzle with the two statues took me a long while to complete.

Here I am now, my last save was just after getting the Master Sword. If this game is anything like Ocarina of Time it'll show now, the pace is supposed to pick up rather dramatically after Link obtains the Master Sword.

And it's looking as if I'll get my wish! I was wishing earlier on that the wolf and human Links would be used more in unison with eachother rather than in long spurts of only one. Midna now has this shadow stone that causes Link to transform whenever I want. I'm glad that Nintendo had the insight to add this feature to the game.

Still enjoying this game immensely.
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Alright another week has passed since an update.

I've done a lot of stuff in Twilight Princess since my last update.

I finished the Arbiters Grounds, and Snowpeak and got quite a few heart containers, I think I'm one piece away from 12 hearts.

The Arbiters Grounds were just sort of meh for me, I didn't really care for it. Snowpeak on the other hand, I was told this dungeon was really annoying, I have to say that it's my favorite one so far. The concept for this dungeon is just truly amazing, top notch in my opinion.

The game is now telling me to go back to the Sacred Forest Meadow, I'm assuming that there's a temple there (Temple of Time?).

I still think that this is an excellent game, I can't believe I've had it for almost 6 years and never played it!


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Slight update.

This morning I made my way to Hyrule Castle after killing Zant.

I plan to finish the game by the end of the day.

I think that the game is excellent. I will be sure to post a more full review after I have completed it.

I think that after this I will be moving to Skyward Sword. I did get into Oracle of Seasons a bit though, I finished the first dungeon, I'm playing that one a bit more relaxed on a GBA SP (AGS-101) that I recently acquired.


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What's the GBA SP like to use? They look pretty nifty.

Tell me what you think of the last battle in Twilight Princess too. I really liked that one.