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dDave's new profile


Well-Known Member
Well I finally edited my profile away form the zelda style and came back to donkey kong.

What does everyone think? Is it too much donkey kong?


Registered Member
Are you color blind?

If not a new benchmark for "fail".


Wanna play?
Dave, my work area glows every time I look at your profile.:lol:


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I know that i have the right colors, I was really going for a donkey kong theme, was the darker green color profile better fit?

I am not arguing whether or not you have the right colors.

I am saying it looks terrible with those colors and I am implying that you are "color blind" because you didnt notice how "bright" the whole profile is...

Man I dont like having to spell things out for every time dave. My joke lose their punch if the person I am razzing on doesnt even get it.

Your old profile was better.

If you want me to eat some fruity pebbles and upload a picture of my dump to your profile I am sure it would have the same effect.


Registered Member
Man Swift, for a character who doesn't have any speaking lines in his movie you certainly speak your mind! :lol:

Upon review of the dDave YouTube video: Look's like dDave is the SECOND member of the DK Crew...thereby giving it enough members to finally become a crew. Congratulations man!


The Original Kiwi
Alright on a serious note,

how is it now?
I did not have to put on sunglasses to avoid getting a blinding headache when I clicked it, so it's much, much better.


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