dDave's Avatar Collection!


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Since 10-8-07 (my join date) I have had 7 avatars and I thought that it would be an interesting idea to post all of them together.

so here goes








I think that it's a pretty cool collection of avatars.

What does everyone else think?


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if you head on over to the GFX section there are people crawling around there dying to make you a sig or an avatar. I've done all my avatar and sig work for as long as I've been wandering around forums and this particular one has a different style so to speak. I dig it here.

dDave none of the pics seemed to work for me.


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there all good
i like the 1st one the most
but 4&5 are really creative the donkey kong text was a good idea


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Yeah usually I prefer to have my avatar have my name on it.

My favorite is the second one and the last one the 1st one would be my favorite but it is too small it's the whole reason why the second version of it was made.

dDave none of the pics seemed to work for me.
I have no clue why that might me maybe you don't have all of the firefox updates the pictures are very small and you aren't supposed to be able to click on them if that's what you're thinking.

I'm thinking that I might want to change my avatar back to dataDyne. Maybe this time get a perfect Dark sig to match it I've never really been big on signatures.


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I think I first recognized you with no. 4

I remember you using all of them except number 3.

I like your current one and 5 is pretty funny.