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Bleh, it's far from broken. Just a piece of monster removal with good atk, easily dealt with.


DDA is no where NEAR broken. IMO it doesn't even need to be restricted. It's a good card, but they shouldn't ban every good card should they? No, they shouldn't. IMO a card should be banned if A. It wins games almost singlehandedly or B. It singlehandedly provides huge card advantage. I'm sorry, but if you think DDA should, or will be banned, then you seriously need help.


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I don't see DDA getting banned, it will most likely get restricted to 1. Its not broken, but in multiples its a hazard.


The thing with DDA is that it's only really good when the meta is tuned to aggro. Right now, the meta is filled with Flip variants and Treeborn Monarch decks that run 1/2 Zaborg. DDA isn't nearly as useful now because the meta changed, and beatdown with normal 4 start mons is no longer good enough to win. You can't run toolbox anymore and expect to dominate a tourney, because you'll run into those flip variants that will use dekos, spys, and merchants w/ PoA's to gain advantage on you, yet ram it down your throat with Cydra/Sorc/Monarchs, or the occational Kycoo. DDA is hardly used anymore, with the exception of Michael Lux's deck, which ran 2. to my knowledge, less than half of the Top 8 at Orlando ran DDA. DDA's just not in style right now, but it's possible that she's still good in the next format. I can see mostly everyone running the 1 we're allowed, since it is good removal, and has good atk and def.


Sephiroth_Masamune said:
The fact remains that it WAS broken at one time. It isn't as used as much as before, but it is still seen in most decks if not sided. I personally think it's broken in my eyres because it's in basically every deck. That's what it means to be broken. People just use certain cards too much and then complan about them being banned. Get over it, I hope they are banned to get some originality in some decks.

Got originality?
Broken =/= everyone uses it because it looks good.

Cyber Dragon = Broken
Breaker = Broken
Snatch Steal = Broken
Pot of Greed = Broken

DDA = Almost broken, but just a good card. It's solid, but hardly broken. If it was a DDWL, that would most certainly be as broken as it could get. To my knowledge this card has never been "broken". Alot of people ran it in 3's and 2's for a while because of the whole "opponent loses either way" thing, but it's just a good card.


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DDA has truly lost its hype. But its still good to run at least one, IMHO.

Tormented Magic

I think that DDA is not broken if it is ran in the right deck, but it is limited. I think it won't be banned if it is they wont ban DDWL..



its good and all, but u need to kill it off to use it, sorta like a pumped up exiled that removes ...... its good at 1 and is staying there, and yeah, DDWL will get banned wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy before dda goes