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!sTrIkE nInJa!

so do you think that DDA is broken. i personally do not think so. i remember back to the days of chaos decks with bls. now that was broken. that was begging to be banned. i have heard it said that dda is going to be restricted come next list so what is your opinion on this too.


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I don't see DDA or DDW being banned, restricted to 1 yes. DDA feeds RFTDD decks and is an easy way to remove an opponents big monster in the current format. opponent has mobius, you draw one of your 2 reinforcement of the armys targeting DDA, suicide remove and repeat when needed.


I dont think it will. Its not as game ending as DDWL. And DDW? hes not going to be even restricted! His effect i manditory, so if you atk a FD magician of faith, they get their card, and you lose a monster.


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It ain't a broken card. Yes it was really good when the chaos monsters were out, I am not saying it ain't good but it ain't broken. But it will be restricted to 1 but not banned.


l 7SIN Sasori l
The fact remains that it WAS broken at one time. It isn't as used as much as before, but it is still seen in most decks if not sided. I personally think it's broken in my eyres because it's in basically every deck. That's what it means to be broken. People just use certain cards too much and then complan about them being banned. Get over it, I hope they are banned to get some originality in some decks.

Got originality?


I agree with most of you guys, DDA is a great card, but it isn't broken. Close though, being at a solid ATK and DEF power, searchable by RoTA, and having the remove from play bit to boot. It's at 1 in japan now with the new list, and that's prolly what'll happen over here too.


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D.D.A is a nobody. She is good but, not broken. There is no reason to restrict her, but if they do then make her go down to two seeing how the mass majority run one or two. Three is just asking to be powned by D.D.S


DDA isnt as good as she used 2 be

i only main 1 currently i dont find her helping as much lately