DC vs Marvel Which side are you on?


The Super Pimp of GF
Basically you just talk about which company you like more. Personally I like DC best because well they have my favorite hero, Batman. Also I was really exposed to them early on and marvel was a little late. I think marvel is more realistic towards the whole super power thing though which is good but DC still clinches it for me


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Well, I like DC for Batman and Marvel for Spiderman. Those are my two favorite superheroes by far. I tend to like more of Marvel's stuff in the long run though.


The Super Pimp of GF
I have a complaint with them both tho... they both tend to do dramatic things and then wipe out everyones memory or say it was all or dream or something like that


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Marvel for me. My favorite super hero is the Incredible Hulk. The only DC hero I like is Batman.

Also, you should have made this a poll Henskie.


A Darker Knight
DC gets a big plus for Batman and a minus for Superman.

Marvel has more of the famous superheroes, IMO. Either that or the recent superhero movies have all been Marvel ones.

I'll go with Marvel for the more famous heroes, but my favorite is still Batman.


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I'm a Marvel man since I've always liked Spidey. I think DC is practically owned by Marvel these days... or atleast it was at one point. Thats when all those cross overs started happenening.


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Marvel all the way. Like everyone else the ONLY character from Dark Horse Comics I like is Batman.

My all time favorite will always be Spiderman, but there are tons of other grrrrrreat Marvel Heroes that are just as cool.