DC or Marvel?

DC or Marvel?

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DC holds the the title for the classics, so I'd never put them down, but Marvel has a way with bringing authentic cons to the pros of being "super" that makes me relate. Plenty of the DC characters have issues, to be sure, and their stories are thick...but Marvel writing and storytelling has so much anti-hero, so many Byronic heroes like Russian literature of the 19th century that it makes me fall in love with these "damaged" characters.

In the DC universe, superpowers (with the exception of a small Achilles heel here and there) are largely seen as gifts, endowments, and blessings. No one is as strong or noble as Superman, no one as quick as Flash, no one as skilled and wealthy as Batman (though he has some darkness doesn't he). On the Marvel side of the fence, the Fantastic Four get their powers at great cost, both emotional and physical. Spiderman looses family and friends during his transition. Wolverine is a mental case who was brought about through experimentation, and the whole genesis story of being a mutant is the feeling of exclusion. Iron Man is a hard drinking narcissist playboy and Beast is...a beast.

The villains are telling, too. DC villains seem largely maniacal or just truly mentally/criminally insane. The Joker, case and point. DC heroes are the embodiment of the great Greek and Roman gods, and their villains are evil incarnate. Marvel villains seem to more often lash out based on injustices they suffer. Half the mutants chose evil because they were excluded--half chose the side of light. Choice is a big thing and such a human thing that I feel that is what defines Marvel. Superman knows he's supreme, but he doesn't even seem to need to make really hard choices on how to use his power--it just seems innate.

I think they are really two different worlds, each defined by the times in which their most iconic characters were created: DC during the nationalistic years, and Marvel during the counterculture years.

For me, it's most always going to be Marvel.
That, my good sir, is an excellent comparison between Marvel and DC. Probably best sums up why I like Marvel over DC.

The characters seem much more two sided in the Marvel universe, especially the villains. The villains don't just sort of exist, they usually have very strong story arcs.

I like Marvel more than DC but I have been wanting to watch Arrow recently. Too bad I'm way too strapped for time for that.