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DBZ Special 2008.


Ms. Malone
I haven't watched this fully but i plan to tomorrow. Shounen Jump toured around Japan and aired this special that was done by AT himself.

YouTube - EXCLUSIVE! New Dragon Ball Z Special 2008 - Yo! The Return of Son Goku and Friends!! Part 1 of 4

I think it's set two years after Majin Buu's defeat, 3 space pobs come to Earth and one of the occupants is a saiyan that looks like Vegeta, Taburu, or something along those lines; and he needs help to defeat Freeza's surviving men.

Don't take my work on the Freeza's men thing though.

Would you believe i found this after accidently coming across a fanart for it? :lol:


Registered Member
I tried watching it and I just couldn't.. I didn't feel like reading it the whole time.. but it seems good


Ms. Malone
I got the description a little wrong XD.

Taburu, Vegeta's younger brother with no fighting skills, comes to Earth with his wife to ask for his brother's help to defeat two of Freeza's men.

It's mostly Trunks and Goten fighting, it's short and Taburu obviously doesn't do much-but it is funny to watch Goku and Vegeta argue like kids.

It wasn't too bad and it passes the time.


Demon King/Sith Warrior
Aw cmon, that's disappointing. No serious fighting by Goku or Vegeta? No really tough enemy? :(
Last edited:


A Darker Knight

What does that even mean?? I think it takes meaningless lyrics to a new level. :lol:


Well-Known Member
Haha wow, that brings back some old memories, I only watched the first part but I'll probably watch the other parts some other time.

My only problem is that it's in Japanese and well... yeah the subtitles are really small on youtube. Making it full screen isn't good either because it makes the video horrible quality.


Ms. Malone
Aw cmon, that's disappointing. No serious fighting by Goku or Vegeta? No really tough enemy? :(
I think it was supposed to represent the 'passing of the torch', Trunks and Goten are strong enough to handle the bad guys so Goku and Vegeta can step back a little.

People are hoping for a whole new series-but we all know that's never gonna happen; although it would be nice to see some character development with Taburu.

And was it just me or did i see Launch-real quick-in the last part somwhere?
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