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DBZ really know suspense


Registered Member
I'm not saying that it was always perfectly written and such but when I was a kid and watching this show and just waiting and waiting over the course of about ten episode for a fight scene.

What I'm saying is DBZ really know how to keep the anticipation at a high at all times.


Tamer Of The LOLzilla
They kept it high to the point of annoyance sometimes but the fact that I stuck with it is a testament to it's appeal I suppose.


Registered Member
They'd spend about ten episodes powering up or what have you and you stuck it out just to watch the fight scenes.


Registered Member
When I used to watch Anime, one emotion that comes up is suspense, and DBZ was pretty good in that category I remember..


DBZ reminded me of a soap opera with the narration at the beginning and the end, the 10 second facial stares/glances and the building up of suspense. Seemed more of a drama show to me. ;o


Registered Member
You gotta love it though, come one. Everyone got chills down their spine when Goku first turned super saijin and I do understand how that sounds haha.
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