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DbZ Kai...sucks


I dont care if it is made HD or cut out fillers, they dont even show shit like when trunks blasted a hole in frieza's dad they just show his armor having a hole in it...what the fuck

they at least showed shit like that on toonami back in the day....

andd.....the new opener song is fuckin' new age tween pop bullshit imho...and some of the new music in the scenes is terrible compared to the old. Bah whatever, i wasnt expecting much from it anyway but it woulda been nice to be able to watch dbz again while my foots broken, i cant stand watchin this shit though. Thoughts?


Ms. Malone
You talking sub or dub? Cause if it's dub then i'm not surprised by that particular edit.

I'll be watching it once I've got a better internet connection, I started watching it and I like what I saw so far.


I mean yeah if i had the internet connection id be watchin' the good dbz shit...no, i;m talkin about the dubbed nicktoons versions theyre releasing...theyre in the very beginning of the imperfect cell sagas, man its lamer than a bag of peanuts


Ms. Malone
Yeah, it'll be specially edited then, watch the subs of Kai and see if there's a difference.


New Member
Um, subbed Kai is censored, too. Maybe not as much as the NickToons version, but 90% of the gore was replaced with stupid burn marks and shit. Also, that quip about not being surprised at dubbed version being censored is stupid; you're pretty much saying that all anime dubs are heavily edited, which is a false statement. It's not the 90's or early 2000's anymore, not everything is dubbed by 4Kids,and anime dubbing has come a long way in the last decade. Now, we have uncut DVDs, superior voices and acting, scripts that stay true to the original source material, and uncut, uncensored footage in all its original glory.

Protip: Japan censors anime on TV, too, so all those broadcast episodes you're watching just might be edited for the children.

To OP: I agree. Kai is a disgrace to Z. The new voices suck, the editing is pointless, the transition of scenes is very awkward, and the music is flat-out terrible compared to the epic dub score in the original version.


Band Nerd ♫
Wow, I have to disagree like completely.

If you're watching the Nicktoons version than it is edited. Editing is more strict these days.

Dragon Ball Z Kai is great in the fact that it finally brought us a better dub from FUNimation. The characters are much closer to their originals, and the script is a lot closer.

And I love the music. I do not understand why everybody loves Dragon Ball Z's original soundtrack so much. I guess it's just really dated to me... I love old music and listen to it all of the time, but DBZ's music is just so old sounding to me. Music like this from DBZ Kai is awesome, and it's sad that it had to be removed because of the composer's copying (in other songs). Overall I thought Kai had a better soundtrack than the original and it's just not the same with the original old soundtrack put back in.

The only thing that bothers me about Kai is how they cut it off at the end of the Cell saga. If they weren't going to finish it they should have stopped it with the conclusion of the Freeza saga. Which is where I honestly feel the series should have ended to begin with.


Ms. Malone
Z was originally supposed to end after Cell; I don't see why they cut off the end of the Cell Saga...I'm assuming no Buu saga then?

I know not all anime is dubbed by 4kids, I'm not stupid, but the US and UK have heavier restrictions than Japan.
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