Daytona 500

NASCAR's "Super Bowl" is on FOX tomorrow at 1 PM ET. Who here is a racing fan? Will you be watching this? Is this the best race all year? Who will win?

I was a big fan of NASCAR in the mid 90's and early 2000's but after the '05 season I pretty much gave up on it. It just cannot compete with NFL and NHL. My dad is still a pretty avid fan, so I'll be watching this tommorow, moreso as a part of "tradition" than anything else.

It is probably the biggest race all year, but the All-Star race is easily my favorite, along with all of the night races. I even enjoy watching the road courses. So, other than the prestige of the daytona 500, I don't consider it even in the top 5 races all year. I'll predict a win for Jeff Gordon, second to Stewart and third to Mark Martin.

Martin is doing great, and I think he really deserves a 500 before he has to retire for good.


Sultan of Swat
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I'll try to watch a bit of it, but my first concern right now is the Olympics, I saw a bit of the time trials, I heard that Danica Patrick crashed. Gordon is my favorite race car driver and I really hope he'll win it this year.
Jimmie Johnson broke something and went out. Gordon crashed at the end, and finished way back. Jamie McMurray won and I'm happy about that. Great to see someone who is so excited about winning that they cry. Good for him.

Not a bad race. Although the 2 hour red flag was pretty bullshit.


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Yeah, I heard there was a long delay because of a pothole on the racetrack. You'd think they would inspect every inch of track before the biggest NASCAR event of the year.