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I have been looking into going back to work or doing something with my free time and was thinking about the cost of daycare. Is it me or are they just making shit up to charge you? These guys are nuts! Isn't there a law against extortion?

some of the places told me anywhere 195 to 230 a week. :-o WTF they better be giving my kid gourmet food and supervision from super nanny for that much.

The cost didn't change if you kid went 6 days or 2 it didn't mater. They are nuts I tell ya.
So it looks like I might be staying home a bit longer.

I thought the cost were bad 8 years ago..

So what are your thoughts on Daycare?


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Well, my daycare is either really cheap (free, since I stay at home) or really expensive (cause I don't bring in a paycheck) depending on how you want to look at it.

I have never looked into costs though, so I can't really give my opinion on how it is, but, I know every article that talks about whether you want to stay home or go back to work mentions looking at how much you'll really make by going back to work due to all the additional costs such as how much daycare is.


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I hear my friends complain about daycare all the time and most of them have found private people to watch their children now because of those exact same things you mentioned especially the part where you have to pay full price even though your child might only go 1-2 days a week. It's extortion if you ask me.
The introduction of after-school care in our primary schools (4-12yrs) is a new thing here in Ireland, and is usually run by the pre-school section. Children basically stay on after classes have ended and do their homework, have a snack and engage in organised indoor and outdoor activities. I would have to commend our government in this area as they aim to provide equal opportunity. The regular price would be €35 ($51)per child for five days but the government subsidise this and offer several reductions based on circumstances. For example as a one parent family I would only have to pay €4($5.86) per child per week.


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That's why I don't send my girls to the big daycares. They are expensive. (Though, they go towards working mothers. Minimum 24 hr/week if you have 3 kids, or full time job. Then you get more than half price off. But I neither have 3 kids nor do I work full time.) I sent/d my children to a cresh (or something similiar) and it's so much easier.
I totally understand the frustration of it not being worth it to go back to work if your paycheck doesn't cover the daycare expenses.

Is there any chance you might be able to work from home?