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Discussion in 'Advice Board' started by Jeanie, Nov 11, 2009.

  1. Jeanie

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    I hate to be the complaining parent, but I have serious issues with my daughter's teacher. I already said something a couple of months ago to the director about the sarcastic things the teacher says to the kids - stuff like "don't come back tomorrow! I don't want any kids in my class tomorrow" jokingly but these are 3 and 4 year old kids.

    This morning when I got there, there were at least 5 kids in the classroom and the teacher was not in visual contact with any of them, she was in the bathroom putting stuff away in a cupboard. She was in there long enough for one of the kids to wander out the door, either by themselves or with an unauthorized person, and long enough for one of them to be seriously hurt. This is not the first time this has happened. Another time, she was busily working at a table while one of the boys climbed up on a tall stack of building blocks and almost fell over before I stopped him.

    Would you say something? I'm wondering whether any other parents notice it and whether they are concerned about it.
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  2. Babe_Ruth

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    I can't speak from a parent stand point, but I would definitely say something again to the director especially if the teacher is leaving the children un-supervised.

    I don't want to scare you or anything, but it only takes a few seconds for a person to abduct a someone. The chance of happening to a three or four year old are even more high since they don't know the difference(well most of them don't)

    You posting this thread because clearly your concerned, with good reasons obviously. Once again I would say something.
  3. CaptainObvious

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    I most certainly would say something, I don't think you're being a complaining parent.

    The thing that bothers me the most about what you said was her not watching the kids. Her ultimate duty is to the safety of the kids. 3 and 4 year olds should not be unsupervised like that.

    What she said, while joking, should not be said either. They're too young to understand sarcasm or that kind of humor and she should refrain from it.

    I think you should talk to the director or whoever is in charge. You might also want to bring this up casually to some other parents, you might find out they have concerns and know about incidents you are not aware of.
  4. AnitaKnapp

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    I agree with CO, you should definitely voice your concerns to the other parents as well to get a few other people in your corner. But yes, I would definitely complain. This could be a huge lawsuit for the daycare...I don't know why they wouldn't take the necessary steps to make sure they do not get sued for negligence.
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  5. Jeanie

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    Thanks you guys. This is the email I sent:
  6. EllyDicious

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    I thought you meant to meet the director personally.
    When something is wrong with the teachers i guess the director or someone else who speaks on behalf of him should be contacted personally and tell the problem face to face.
    Or maybe talk to the teacher personally.
  7. Jeanie

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    That's not always possible. Sometimes the director is not there when I drop off or pick up my daughter, and furthermore an email is far more discreet. When your child is in the care of another person, you do not want that person to know you are complaining about them because you never know if they will take it personally and take it out on your child.
  8. wolfheart

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    I think you are perfectly right to voice your opionon on this, I know from experiance that my boy can cause maximum mayhem in a very short space of time and I would not be happy about him being left unsupervised for long.
    It takes a split second for kids of your daughters age and my boys age to get into something they should not or hurt themselves.

    I would have done the same as you and put my concerns to the director about the lack of supervison.

    As for the sarcastic comments, if they are said in front of the kids then I would say something, my son would be extremly upset if his teacher said she did not want him in her class as he loves going to nursery, as has been said said they do not understand sarcasm at that age and some of them may take it to heart thinking she is serious.
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  9. EllyDicious

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    yeah .you're right when you say you can't always meet him/her and that is more discreet to contact him through email.
    but i was just saying from an albanian point of view. lol. things are not solved that way here, unless meeting the the person personally...even multiple times.
  10. CaptainObvious

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    I like the email, well said, to the point, without making it sound like you were attacking the teacher personally and like you were a parent who complains about everything.
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