Movies Daybreakers - A vampire movie done right.

None of that Twilight madness here. Take a look at the trailer for Daybreakers:

YouTube - 'Daybreakers' Trailer HD

Looks pretty interesting to me. I haven't seen this ever done before, and it's nice to see the vampires in change instead of hiding in the shadows and stalking their next kill.

Now, I'm your typical vampire fan where I like when they are pure evil and don't care who they hurt or kill. The trailer clearly shows they have emotions and I'm not a big fan of that. But hey, at least it's not some love sick story between some 100+ year old vampire and a 16 year old girl, eh? =P

Thoughts on the trailer? Think this movie will bring back the dignity for the mythical vampires that Twilight took away? :D
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It catches my interest a little bit and it's a newer concept for a vampire film that I haven't seen before. There might be something to it.

So far I like what I see and the cinematography looks to be fairly decent by the trailer. However it awaits further judgement.
Here's my bit on this: It's either going to be a huge let down or a pretty decent movie.

The fact that it has William Dufoe gives it major brownie points. It's an interesting concept, and I'll have to see it when it comes out!