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Day Trading Success Stories


Registered Member
I'm just about to jump into the fray, have done a fair amount of research, and am ready to give the roller-coaster ride of day trading a try with some mad money I've put aside just for this purpose.

Any success stories out there that will blow me away enough to keep me pumped if I wash out in my first few trades?

I'm going to go with an online trading firm (mostly due to my geographic location) even though I'm a little concerned that time delays may affect the profitability of some of my trades ....:-/


Secret Agent
Staff member
Online is really the only way to daytrade easily.. and your best choice by far. Time delays are basically nonexistent. :)

As for success stories, I have one but it's not something you should expect at all. I just got very lucky. Anyway, my first day daytrading, I made enough to buy a decent used car.