Day dreams vs. Night dreams

Which do you prefer?

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I know, they are two totally separate things, one you have control over, the other you don't. But, which do you prefer?

I like daydreaming because I have complete control over my thoughts/fantasies and can control the outcome. I have a very vivid and visual imagination so my daydreams can sometimes seem as real as my night dreams.

I don't like dreaming at night because I have no control over the outcome and I hate the feeling of waking up and still feeling like the dream is with me. What's worse is when a sad or depressing dream follows you around all day and puts you in a depressed mood.

So, which one?


still nobody's bitch
I don't daydream much. I love a good night dream that leaves you all warm & fuzzy when you wake up, but then the nightmares or even just icky dreams that stick with you all day are horrid.

I guess I don't have a good answer for you.

My daughter and I both had bad dreams all night last night :-/


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
I like daydreaming that continues to nightdreaming. That way I can get the best of both worlds: having control in the beginning and making it feel more real in the end. It's what I like about night dreams, for a certain period of time you are in a world that seems real (it happens without you trying to put an effort to imagine stuff) until the point you realise that it's just a dream.


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Even though I had a terrible dream last night, I still prefer night dreaming. There's really no comparison. They feel so real it's like you're actually experiencing everything instead of just thinking it.


Sultan of Swat
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For me it's night dreams that I prefer over day dreams, another reason for that is because I hardly sleep during the day, so its hard for me to get day dreams when I'm awake during the day. But I have to admit for the last few months I've had some really, really weird dreams.


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My night dreams tend to be very touch based, and consist more of feelings than images. Day dreams I have tend to be pleasant and more coherent. Given that I chronically from about 2 to 10 I had chronic issues with nightmares, it's kind of made me hate them. Day dreams in a rout.


Alfred :: Gotham Hero
night dreams. and actually, you can control your night dreams, its just much harder than daydreaming, but that sa different topic. ;)


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Night dreaming for sure! I am not a big daydreamer; maybe because I do not have a very good imagination. I think night dreams can really have a big meaning and a lot of connection to your real life and your past. I do not dream often, but I always feel at peace when I do. I have nightmares more often than pleasant dreams, yet I still would rather night dreams over day dreams.