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PC Games Dawn Of War & Warhammer 40K Movie


New Member
Growing up, I had always shown interest in the 40K franchise without ever making the plunge. Then when Dawn Of War was released on the PC my life was changed forever.
There has been alot of heated discussion regarding a 40K movie, and I believe now would be an ideal time to begin production.
The 40K universe has inspired fans so much that, they have staged and produced a 40K movie called "Damnatus". The movie was horrible, but it showed commitment (particularly financially) and that there is a huge fan base.
I have read on a forum somewhere, that some idiot believes the ratio of people who know what warhammer is, is too small and therefore wouldn't invite enough interest. Bulls&*t.
Almost anyone you talk to has heard the name, or know atleast that it is a tabletop war game. There are millions and millions of loyal fans worldwide, so much so, that a big-budget game was created based on it's universe - Dawn of War. Not to mention Firewarrior - but lets leave that topic in the dark.
The game won numerous best RTS 2004 awards, and thousands still play it today.
Even more, the developers believed the game would sell again, and so released a second expansion in 2006!
I believe that many people are scared to admit to their missus or friends that they have a soft spot for 40k, due to the fact they may be looked at as a coke-bottle-glass wearing nerd. Who cares! I am a father of 1 with a size 8, C-cup missus coming to bed with me each night - and I am proud to admit I now LOVE 40K.
To conclude, if you want to finally see a 40K movie - keep hassling New Line Cinema, because they hold the rights to any possible 40K movie.
New Line Cinema - if you read this - FFS make a damn movie! Fans were promised a movie in 98 (BloodQuest) that never came! There are so many people out here dying to see one so WTF r u doing!?
Anyone who wants to discuss this thread more - email me @ [email protected]
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