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Dawn Marie Fights Back Hard


Lion Rampant
The wrestling world and the Internet are definitely two places where things aren't always what they seem. I'm giving this update on the Wrestler's Rescue saga a thread of its own because a woman's reputation is at stake and I wanted to make her response as prominent as I can after posting the allegations myself on GF. She does have a lot to say on the subject:

An Open Letter from Dawn Marie

On behalf of myself, the Wrestlers’ Rescue organization, and the many volunteers and donors, I'd like to strenuously deny and condemn the false and baseless defamatory statements currently circulating concerning an alleged investigation and or corruption in Wrestlers' Rescue. Not only are the accusations false they contain no merit and they are disrespectful to the volunteers who have invested their time, energies, and hearts into helping former professional wrestlers
in need.

These statements (most of which appear to have begun following comments made by Mike Aldren) are defamatory and contain no basis or fact. These unfounded false allegations have put at risk our efforts to help the former stars who currently face major personal, medical, and financial crises. The damage these falsehoods may have done to real people (not wrestling “characters”) is immeasurable.

I am currently weighing options for an appropriate and comprehensive response. When I have decided on my best course of action, as well as exploring legal options on behalf of both myself and Wrestlers’ Rescue, I will address all allegations.

A full and complete refutation of all false claims will accompany our forthcoming formal response, in the courts and/or other venues. More importantly, though I wish to express the anger I feel that for the sake of a few web hits and some false ego-gratification, all those who spread his falsehoods as “truth” may have put at risk Wrestlers' Rescue's attempts to aid good and well-loved people facing enormously difficult circumstances.

Unfortunately, internet rumor mongers feel that they can tarnish people and an organization’s reputation without any evidence and still have impunity. It is truly shameful that I must even dignify these individuals who have nothing more than time and a computer, to address these harmful and baseless allegations.

I give thanks to all my friends and colleagues who have called and written to express their anger at this attack and their support of me. It is for people like you and not the Mike Aldren's of the world that Wrestlers' Rescue exists and will expand.

Dawn Marie
Missy Hyatt then backed her up big time:

My Statement On The Allegations Against Dawn Marie

I hate how so many people jumped on the band wagon that Dawn is a fraud before they ever allowed her a forum to defend herself. I’m a personal friend of Dawn, so naturally I will defend her. People who are bashing Dawn forget to realize the expense of legal fees, corporation fees, phones, & misc. to maintain a charity . Guess who swallowed any losses & upstart fees to Wrestlers Rescue? DAWN!!!! What ever profits that trickled in with ebay sales, auctions, went in to some holding account. I know for a fact that Steve Williams was sent approximately $5000.00 to help off set mounting medical expenses prior to his untimely death. I know an additional $2000 was donated in conjunction from the Cauliflower Alley Club.

I am very upset that everybody who is associated with Dawn was lumped in as thieves or con artist on various message boards without anybody asking for a statement or any proof. To my knowledge, only one person in the wrestling business decided to distance them self based on the recent negative article that was circulating.

When Dawn filed for the 501(c)(3) paper work to become a non profit charity it needed a corporate structure to be shown in the paper work. This is why I am listed as secretary. I started all of that paperwork before having it out sourced to an attorney to be completed.

The 501(c)(3) filling is a long tedious headache of paper work to fill out and file. I believe it took Dawn almost a year to have it all sorted & filed. The actual 501(c)(3) company is listed as Pro Wrestling Releif, (Dawn already had Wrestlers Rescue LLC organized and filed as a for Profit so we could begin the work that needed to be done.). I know Dawn personally shelled out a few thousand dollars in filing the 501(c)(3) paper work & the lawyer fees that took to complete it. As a 501(c)(3) they are eligible for tax free status and grants.

My participation within Wrestlers Rescue consisted of signing for free at Dawn’s convention, raffling a gift basket at the Paul E Normous memorial show, agreeing to be on the cancelled cruise, & helping Dawn gather the 501(c)(3) paper work [which was completed by a lawyer]. Various people accused me and others of having our hands in the cookie jar, despite NEVER handling or having any access to any money. I guess asking me about my participation would be too much of an oversight. To my knowledge, the participation of most wrestlers was either volunteering their services & donating memorabilia in order to be used for fund raising purposes. To call any wrestler a thief would be grossly inaccurate, since we never handled the financial aspects of the charity.

Tammy to my knowledge only did the convention, some miscellaneous errands, agreed to be on the cruise & be apart of a book deal that will be out for release in 2011. Tammy did not have any access to any money. Rather then mention what her actual participation was for Wrestlers Rescue, Tammy released statements that hurt everyone that has volunteered their services to Wrestlers Rescue. Though her comments may have hurt many of us on a personal & business level I can understand if she may have reacted out of fear and concern for herself. The way everyone had reacted and smeared this obvious smear campaign is scary.

Like I stated earlier, Dawn will release a statement showing her innocence & the lack of research done in the many malicious articles. My personal feelings are a friend defends each other until there is proof that shows that they are guilty. I’m defending Dawn until I see proof that she misappropriated funds. I believe in Dawn based on the character of her as a person, rather then just blindly throw accusations without her side of the story.

Missy Hyatt
1st Lady Of Wrestling
Rajah.com explains Missy's reference to "Tammy" (Sytch, natch):

The paragraph commenting on Tammy Sytch (former WWE Diva "Sunny") has since been removed from the blog post. In light of the reports that surfaced online last week, Sytch posted several messages on her Facebook account refuting her involvement with the organization.

"I have absolutely no involvement with Wrestler's Rescue, and do not have any knowledge of their business practices," she wrote. "Although I have heard rumors about wrong-doings involving money, I do not believe them to be true. But once again, I am not a part of the above stated company."

She would, however, clarify her previous involvement with the organization, writing: "I tried to help Dawn with the booking agency part over 6 months ago.... that lasted 3 weeks, and it was HELP not WORK. i didnt take a dime, b/c nothing came about in the agency,. and I told her I didnt want any part of it. Everything she does is half assed, so nothing works."
Tammy often sounds angry like that. I wonder if she drinks a lot. Anyway, I'm glad none of us here jumped to conclusions and declared Dawn Marie guilty without hearing her side of the story. No doubt there will be more fireworks to come. I really hope she's able to clear her name and restore the reputation of a charity for which so much need exists.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
This isn't really related to the topic in hand, but I thought it was a good place to put it since I didn't believe it deserves it's own topic.

Dawn Marie came out this week and stated that she took steroids during her career, I'm assuming that it was only because she got injured a lot. She didn't want to lose her spot on television, she took them to recover faster.

But back to the topic in hand, I'm glad that Dawn was able to give her side of story, this is just an overall bizarre story.
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Haters gonna hate.
Highly bizarre, indeed. I doubt it is close to being over, either.
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