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Davidson vs Darby prank


what? no pink?
read about this on the news and saw it, so I looked it up on youtube to share it with you guys. I think this prank was absolutely hilarious. What a great elaborate scheme for them to have done and have it go off so flawlessly! I see nothing wrong with this kind of prank. How silly those guys must have felt. excellent! isn't that what rivalry is all about? but come on it was just good old fashioned fun. reminds me of when I was younger and all the time you would hear about someone stealing the other teams mascot or something of that kind. Just good fun rivalry.

These guys got a 3 day suspension for this and they are not allowed to attend any more football games or senior school functions. I think that the 3 day suspension would have been just fine. I mean really what has happened to us here? have we really lost our sense of humour? These guys hurt nobody at all except maybe a few egos :D but come on that was just good old fashioned fun! :D

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School boards are way too strict nowadays. I find this funny, harmless, and for the most part friendly banter. Banning those kids from school events for the rest of the year is ridiculous.

If somebody got hurt then maybe a ban is in order, but, as I see it this was just a perfectly pulled off prank. Banning them just makes that school look like sore losers. So they can't take a joke? Wow.

Nonetheless, if they are truly banned then at least they went out with a very cool prank. :)