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MLB David Price for Ryan Howard?


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
A couple of Tampa talk radio host are trying to float the rumor that the Rays would trade David Price for Ryan Howard and a catching prospect:

http://www.620wdae.com/media/podcast-ro ... -23974414/

That is one of the worst proposed trade I have ever heard.


Registered Member
I heard this rumour on twitter about a week ago and couldn't stop laughing. I had to click on the link though and listen to these radio hosts go on about how great Ryan Howard is. It's golden.

But yeah. Kind of goes without saying. The Rays are way too smart to do this.


The return shall be legenday!
A little bit of this crazy rumor may be fueled by how much TB fans are starved for big name star power. For most fans, baseball is entertainment and after losing Price there is no one besides Longoria to really want to watch. Winning is most important, but don’t underestimate how important star power is to the general fan base.