David Ortiz


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We all know that David Ortiz as hit so many clutch home runs since he joined the Bo Sox. Not only in the Regular Season but in the playoffs as well. He's loved by every Baseball lovers because the passion he brings everytime he plays. He's probably in the Top 5 for the most reconized Baseball players in the league. Now the question I have for everyone is does he belong in the Hall of Fame? Please explain your answer.

Plus i'd like to know where you rank him for the all time clutch players?


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I think it's too early to call him Hall of Fame, but with his clutch ability, he makes a decent candidate. I don't know much of baseball history, but he's easily one of the best clutch hitters I've ever seen.

I think he has 13 career walk-off homeruns with the Sox. That's not including regular hits for game ties or wins.


unfortunatly, no. Don't get me wrong, I love the guy. But if Jimmy Rice isn't in, then Ortiz shouldn't get in unless he puts up the same numbers that he has been posting since joining the Sox for the next 3-5 years, which is unlikely.


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It's very hard to judge his career right now because the numbers aren't really impressive, but he has been so clutch in so many difficult situations, and that has to help his cause. Now he still has around 8-10 years left I believe, and I believe he should average around 30 home runs a season for almost half of that and average around 100rbi's. Now he's having a good season this year and he has been injured for the most part, so come next year when he'll be healthy he'll be back to the old Big Papi.


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As of now....no. He hasn't done enough yet and there's the whole should a DH be a Hall of Famer thing. If he does keep posting the great numbers that he has been then he has a good chance of making the Hall of Fame.

As for ranking him I would say in the top 30 no lower no higher.