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Movies David Lynch & Co


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Do people just watch his films to insist they have an appreciation of art, or are they watched just as carefreely as any other film?

Also, I dare say, that Lynch has established a directorial style unlike anyone else. Are there other film-makers that seem to encompass their own style, perhaps something that others have tried to imitate, but have only gone on to prove that the original creator of this style is inimitible and the soul skill behind it.

I'd argue Quentin Tarantino's style is unique to him. Although there have been some extremely good attempts to mimiic it. I am still hard-pushed however to say they have matched him.

What do you reckon?


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I love David Lynch movies! The only one I didn't "get" was Earaserhead. Blue Velvet is on my top 10 movies list.


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David Lynch films are great for when you feel you've seen it all before. I personally love Lost Highway and Mohulland Drive, both of which are fun mind fucks.

As for other directors with a unique style, I'd say the Coen Bros. qualify. They've pretty much nailed dark humor w/ somewhat subtle existential pondering (or not so subtle in the case of No Country for Old Men). Tarantino certainly qualifies, and I think to mimic him, someone would have to be as much of a film geek as he is, and that's no easy feat. He's built his career on making what amounts to homages that steal bits and pieces from the strangest places in film history, to create stuff that feels original and even daring. His imitators aren't doing that. They just make Tarantino-esque action films that often completely miss the mark on what makes his movies fun.
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Mark ov teh Pond
Twin Peaks all the way!!! I admit to not liking most his movies. Although I can appreciate the mind fuck they are and his 'style' they are just not movies I have come to worship. None of them bear any re-watch quality at that. I don't include any of his movies in my top 10. Top 25 yes, and that's Fire Walk With Me.