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David Eddings


Likes snow
Has anyone read any of this Author's books?

David eddings is a fantasy writer, many of his books have gods as major characters (Actually, every book of his I;ve read has some who make constant to daily contact with the main character, or are infact the main character), not the almighty, smite thee winth a blink gods, but more like greek gods, flawed or imperfect in some way, and generally bickering with another god at one time or another.

David Eddings has made some excelent books such as The Redemption of Althalus, the story of the world's best thief, The Elenium, a trilogy about Sparhawk's quest to save his Queen, and some other great books. I suggesyt to anyone who hasn't read any books by David Eddings to at least try The Redemption of Althalus (The best stand-alone book of his I've read)


I've read something from him. It was really good but I can't really rember then name. It was really cool. My cousin sometimes has the right idea, he mostly forced me to take it and I got into it and couldn't pout ti down. It was the Belgariad. I loved Polgara! I laughed through it because of Silk.
I want to read more of his stuff (like The Malloreon) but I'm such a slow reader and I need to buy it and the lack of money really sucks!