Daunte Culpepper retires from NFL


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MIAMI (AP)—Daunte Culpepper, who starred for the Minnesota Vikings before a major knee injury in 2005 curtailed his career, retired from the NFL on Thursday.

Culpepper completed 64 percent of his passes in a nine-year career, with 142 touchdowns. He tried to resuscitate his career with the Miami Dolphins in 2006 and the Oakland Raiders last season, struggling in both of those stops, and wasn’t in training camp with any teams this year.

“Since I was not given a fair chance to come in and compete for a job, I would rather move on and win in other arenas of life,” Culpepper said.
Source:Daunte Culpepper retires from NFL - NFL - Yahoo! Sports

Thoughts? He was only 31 so he could definitely keep playing. I can see him coming out of retirement if a team offered him a spot. But what team(s) would want him?
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He got his "fair" chances with both the dolphins and Raiders and even they didn't want him. I'm not saying he was a horrible QB, he was a pretty damned good QB till he got injured, but thats the way the dice roll.


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I'm really disapointed because of this. I've been a huge fan of his since he entered the league. He dominated the position early in his career. But then injuries started to come and he wasn't the same afterwards. I always wish that he would come back to his dominance days.


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Wow this is a shocker for sure. I guess the knee got to a point in which he didnt think he could go anymore. He shouldnt use the excuse he wasnt given a shot because he certainly was.


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I'm not shocked. No one would even pick him up as a backup and he fell off hard after he was injured.


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This one goes out to no one here, but I remember back when he was with the Vikings how many people used to always argue that C-pepp was BETTER than Donovan Mcnabb. I think not! What has Daunte ever done without Randy Moss. Moss makes Matt Cassel look good. Where are they now?
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I kinda have to disagree with you Philly. Castle is actually a really solid QB. Sure Moss can help make just about any QB good, but the throws to Moss weren't bad throws they were perfect throws. Really, what about the drive where it was 3rd and 13 on their own half yard line and throw a friggin 50 yard strike.

Culpepper before he was injured was definatly close to where McNabb was, however, his injury stopped him short. Thats not his injuries fault though I think he could've come back if he worked a little harder. Not saying he didn't work hard. Oh well.


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We'll see about Cassel soon. He is a backup so there was no preparation or film really on him and the Chiefs traded away their pass rush when they dumped Allen. KC has 0 defensive backs. He'll get exposed once the pressure gets turned up, but Moss will potentially allow them to keep the scoring alive at least.

About the Injuries, Mcnabb has been plagued with injury his whole career and has a better playoff record, been to a Super Bowl, beat the Vikings with C-pepp in the playoffs without Owens, and is still a franchise QB. My point is simply that Mcnabb was better then and he is better now. Give #5 Randy Moss and he'd win a Super Bowl.