Daughter's Monster on eBay


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Welcome kwilson.

Im sorry to hear about the flop, but I am glad you left negative.

I would also keep all the e-mails sent to you by these users and send them off to ebay!


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Unfortunalty the answer is no. The only thing that will happen is a NF . :tough:

I'm gonna watch to see how high this one goes. Good luck kwilson1277.


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Not entirely correct. She can file a non paying bidder dispute, and she will get her seller and final value fees back. I know this because I had to do it too! :)
Thanks everyone for your support. Yes I will file the non-paying whatever it is, but I have to wait. I am just glad that I got to leave her NF I wanted to write so much in it but I couldn't, lol. I'll keep coming here and posting and let everyone know what is going on and what happens. I know it won't be the same as it was high bid wise, but hey, at least I can finally get it out of my house, lol



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Haha yeah. Well you have to remember to ask yourself, what's better, bids up to $16,000 that are pranks, or lower bids that are real.

Don't feel like you lost $16,000, because really it was never there in the first place.

With the new stricter auction you should have a better run. :)


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I was very excited about the high bids on "Daughter's Monster on eBay" during the first listing, hope it gets high this time!


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Yes good luck on your auction! Great idea! Sadly (well, not for her I guess) my daughter only sees dinosaurs (??? no clue). Would be pretty hard to find one of those and put it up for sale...... Then again maybe I could get the guy selling the alien mummy to make me one...... :lol: