ok i know this sounds stupid but im totally unsocial so be nice
first of all about me:
im in high school, im straight, im bad in large social groups apart from friends.
now the problem:
i have no idea about dating i have never had a girlfriend and have never been ask out or asked anyone else out. there are two girls i fancy in my school i know one very well and the other a bit. i don't really have the confidence to ask either one out and even if I did i wouldn't know what to do if they said yes.

has anyone got any advice?

also i've heard rumers that another girl that i know well(but don't fancy) fancys me.
and that realy embarising for me cos she seems really embarassed that people knows she fancys someone(it is only rumer that its me)

again has anyone got any advice.


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I totally remember being where you are now. I am still kind of shy on first dates, etc.

How about trying to organize group events that include the girl you like? That way you aren't "asking her out", but just planning a fun thing. So, how about you get everyone to go to the movies. Then when you are there, make it so you are sitting next to her. That way you can talk to her a bit. Maybe if you do this enough times she will know you like her, and you can get more comfortable with her in the process.


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Like what NINerd said, try to have her join a group of people with you, and talk to her. You should also hang out with each like this, to see which one you like more.

Also try to get to know the girl who likes you more too, you might end up liking her back, if it's not just a rumor.


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First off: You're in high school, meaning you'll see maybe 2-5% of these people ever again the rest of your life so have no regrets! See if the girl you like really does fancy you. Hang out with her, be more friendly. Not "creepy" friendly, just friendly. See if something is returned.

Maybe it's not such a reassuring piece of advice, but it's definitely true that most people never 'figure out' dating and relationships. Mainly, it's because there is not definite set of rules and guidelines for dating. You have to find what works for you and most of all, you have to be comfortable. The only true "rules" really are to be respectful, assertive, and understanding.

Respect your date and any person you may be pursuing in terms of their wishes and what they believe as well as their personal space and issues.

Be assertive, meaning take risks and step out there for them, take charge and don't be passive, people love confidence and both men and women (from what I've noticed) seem to very much enjoy being the one who gets asked out ;)

Understand where they come from, why they said no or yes to your advances. Get to know them so you can grasp why things happen a certain way and to better yourself in case a relationship or dating experience goes wrong.

Lastly, just be yourself. Don't pretend to be someone else because if they like the "someone else" you pretend to be, then you aren't actually dating them, are you?
ok that all makes sense, thanks

how about the girl who might fancy me though?
i do know her quite well but generally just see her as a friend.


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If you are not interested in her in that way then make sure she knows that. If she has never approached you to tell you she likes you for definite then just leave it.
If she does ever tell you how she feels or someone tells you for her then you should speak to the girl yourself. Don't lead her on because you don't want to hurt her feelings. It'd hurt her more if you lied to her.