Dating Timeline


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What is your ideal dating timeline?

You know, date for X months/years. Get engaged after X months/years into dating. Get married X months/years after that.

Obviously this kind of depends on how the relationship is going, but what would be your ideal plan in a perfect world?


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I can't say that I would have a timeline regarding marriage. I'm such a spontaneous person when it comes to life changing decisions that I would wake up today and say "Hey. Let's get married" and have it done in a few days time maximum.
I don't really want to get married (might change my mind, who knows) but hypothetically and ideally, as long as we've been dating for a decent amount of time then it could either be a couple of years or 20 years before getting engaged, I don't really care. It's just anything before the couple of years is pretty much a no go, unless I was good friends with the person before the relationship. If I did get married, it most definitely wouldn't be on a whim or anything even close.
I can't think of any specific timeline. Like you said, it depends on how the relationship is going.
I could stay engaged for years and be perfectly happy, because knowing he asked means he's willing to make the lifelong commitment. If I had to pinpoint a time, I'd say a year to 18 months into the relationship is long enough to know if you want to spend your life with someone. As far as the wedding, it would depend if you're going all out, or just doing small and simple.
for me i would have to date the guy for a minumum of 2 years and then have an engagement that lasts at least 9 months. i dont like to rush into things that will change my life drastically.


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Ideally it's date, engaged, get married, date, date, have a family, date, date.

See what I'm getting at? :lol: I think dating should be a lifetime process. Other than that, I have no particular ideal as to how long the other steps should last.


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What's it called when you've been together for eight years and you're not married? We're definitely past the dating stage. I like where I am in my current relationship. I'd like to get married one day but I'm happy with how things are right now.


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Ideally I would like to spend at least a couple years dating and getting to know a girl before asking her to marry me. For the engagement, as long as it takes to plan the wedding. I wouldn't want to be engaged for longer than a year. I think it's kind of weird when a couple is engaged for several years.


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I haven't really thought through the exact timetables as laid out in the OP but I wouldn't want to date for more than 2 years. I would want to be married within 2 years of dating somebody. And even that seems a bit long.


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Never really thought about it. My cousin got married when she was 20 and they were dating for maybe a year...8 years later they are still married and have 2 kids.

I go by feel and not by time. If I am comfortable and I know its meant to be then I'll go for it when its time. Whether thats 2 years, 1 year or 6 months.