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Dating stories


It's been long since we had such thread.
Share any personal dating story or other interesting dating stories you've heard of.

Just like I said in the other thread, I never used to consider my dating nights as "dates", instead I used to consider them as just hanging out with someone..... but now that I'm thinking about it, they were dates.

Anyway, I met one of my dates in a nightclub. He was a bartender, tall and a nice looking guy. He had noticed me several times there and had asked my close friend[at the time] about me.
He was always flirty with me whenever I used to go there/talk to him {The truth is I never went there for him but for another guy I had a crush on and whom I never dated.}
To make this short, after a while of me going there, we exchanged numbers and fixed the day[Thursday] and the place of our appointment[a mutual favorite bar of ours]. When the Thursday came, I went to the said place and ..........started waiting for him. :shifteyes:
After 15 minutes I called him to know what he was up to and why he wasn't showing up. Guess what! He said he had forgotten about our date. :shifteyes: [even-though we fixed it 3 days ago and I don't see how you can forget it in just 3 days.]
I yelled at him on the phone (rofl) and hung up.

So you can guess how "much" interested he was in me.
Anyway, he called me the next day and I still was mad at him but we fixed another date.
I met him 2 or 3 times in general we never met again. We knew we were very different in many ways.


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I am racking my brain to try and remember how I met this guy Mike L. I remember he lived in Cardiff by the Sea and was a huge Steelers fan. At the time he was getting a graduate degree in child psychology. Anyway, he was a photographer too. For our date he asked me to join him on a photo shoot for a surfing contest up in Huntington Beach. Wow, cool, what could go wrong? I can't remember specifically! It was a lot of little things...one being a smart*** comment about my bikini. It was a red/white print; not exactly the french that was in style, but he just HAD to say something that made me very self-conscious. So his lack of charm started to rear it's ugly head. Then I was hungry and the SOB would not stop for lunch or want to buy lunch! (turned out he was super super cheap). Soon we started our ride home, and being the outspoken intolerant person that I am, we argued about everything on the way. By the time I got to my door I was steaming! He too, and off he went. It was days later that I realized all my beach stuff was in his trunk. I was forced to contact him and over the phone we had a very indept discussion about all the things that went wrong. I was impressed! He wanted to try again, we did, and remained casual dating friends for another year or so until I met my now-husband. But he was always really cheap.


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I went to the zoo with a guy once who must have studied up on every single animal in the world ever. He went on and on at every cage trying to impress me with his knowledge of animals. I was impressed at first as I really love animals. But he couldn't talk about anything else! As soon as I would try and steer the conversation in a different direction he would cut me off..."The male gorilla is called the silverback..."