Dating in highschool, yikes.

Hey so i'll keep this simple. In my opinion, dating in highschool is usually not such a good idea, its better to just keep up your grades and worry about relationships later, also, most teenage relationships are just flings and mean nothing. Anyways now to the point. I like this girl in my Creative Writing class, i would consider us friends and we engage in small talk on a regular basis. I have good grades and it;s my grad year, so its a little more slack, so i want to try and pursue this. But in highschool its kinda hard cause you see the same people alot and people will gossip about it( if it does or doesnt work out). Anyways, ya'll have any tips on this subject, like how should i work towards developing something more with her without being too up front/direct and risking all the gossip, awkwardness crap? Any help would be bodacious, yes i just used bodacious in a sentence.


Sally Twit
How about you grow some hair on your balls and just ask her if she wants to go for a coffee or for any other kind of drink you want. Just see her outside of school without anyone else being around so you can see if she's interested in you as more than a friend. It's the only way you'll ever know.