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Dates to remember


I have formulated a theory... If the theory is correct then the following dates will be significant with regards to global events over the coming months.

October 22 - Events resulting in epic scale forest fires and prairie fires.
November 21 - Events resulting in massive poisoning of the oceans, likely also resulting in a large tsunami.
December 21 - Major asteroid impact, likely inland.

If I am wrong, and I hope I am, then I am wrong. No biggie. I am not even convinced of the theories merit. But if it has merit then I would be wise to express it before it unfolds. Events may precede marked dates by as much as 2 1/2 days if the theory is accurate.

If it does happen as the theory suggests, happy Armageddon everyone. :)


Registered Member
Are they going to happen in 2017? I'm curious about how you came up with those specific dates and disasters, especially if they are going to happen in the same year. The tsunami almost really happened due to the strong earthquake near Mexico, but I haven't really heard about the rest to comment further.